Racing Day 5

0900 No wind

0929 an attempt to start 17A is made, but there's still not much wind

0951 now there is a bit of wind and 17A has one general recall before starting

1019 18E general recall

1021 18E starts, but the wind dies almost completely. Most boats finish within the time limit, but a few are too late.

1123 18D finishes. Still very little wind, shifty with a lot of wind holes.

We wait for wind. The wind now comes from the north as the previous day. Nowhere near the same strength as yesterday though and we have #1 rigs for the whole of today.

1214 18C has one general recall before starting at 1216 (finishes at 1226)

1230 18B has one general recall before starting at 1233 (finish 1241)

1248 and 1251 18A has two general recalls

1257 18A starts under black flag and three boats are caught over the line so need to retire immediately. Finish at 1304

1313 19E start

1410 19B finishes

1427 19A starts

1504 20D start

1522 20C start, finishes 1531

1550 20B finishes

1614 20A finishes

1639 21E finishes

1652 21D starts

1710 21C starts

1727 21B starts

1805 21A has two general recalls and so again starts under black flag. Three boats are again forced to retire immediately.

Results hopefully to appear here.