WordPress 2.2 with Widgets

I've upgraded to the latest WordPress, which now includes drag and drop customization of the sidebar using widgets. A nice new addition to the default install is the 'Recent Comments' widget.

I had to switch to the new default theme that comes with 2.2, but after the usual mods the look of the site is back to normal.

I'm also experimenting with MiniPosts to create a side-blog, or Asides, for short comments/links.

In the future I'd like to include a tag-cloud and maybe some stats-listing in the sidebar.

WordPress 2.1

I've upgraded to the latest WordPress, release 2.1

Hopefully everything works as before.

Funnily, the biggest new thing (besides 'boring' security fixes) advertized with 2.1 is a new visual editor for posts. But to my surprise I found it was not enabled by default! In the admin panel you need to go Users/Your Profile and check the "Use the visual editor when writing" tickbox to get the new and improved editor.

There's also a new spell-checker, but for me it errors out with a cryptic message "Could not execute AJAX call, server didn't return valid a XML."

For some reason I also needed to replace my <code>.htaccess</code> file for everything to work.

Update: I'm still finding it quite annoying that WordPress creates posts with no ALT tag when I insert images and don't bother to include some text in the ALT field. This results in errors when doing XHTML validation. So I've filed a WordPress bug report. Let's see what happens!

Tweaking the header

Some notes, mostly for myself, about how I chaged the header image and the way the title is displayed. I bet this will be usefull after the next WordPress update when the theme most likely gets reset back to default.

To get a header image that 'rotates' i.e. is updated with a new random picture each time the page is loaded, I used Matt Mullenweg's simple rotate script. I named it rotate.php and placed it in wp-content/header-images/

I then placed the images I want as headers into wp-content/header-images/ and modified the CSS stylesheet for my theme:

#header {

background: #73a0c5 url('http://www.anderswallin.net/wp-content/header-images/rotate.php') no-repeat  center;


Note that some browsers (Firefox!) are smart enough to cache the header image, so if you want to see a new header pic simply pressing the 'reload' button won't do - you need to do a full reload of the page by pressing Ctrl-F5. This is not necessary using Internet Explorer

Also, from the default layout of 4em size and centered alignment, my blog title is now a bit smaller and positioned in the top left corner (so as not to obstruct the nice header pic!):

h1 {

font-size: 3em;

position: absolute;

text-align: left;

bottom: 150px;

text-indent: 0.8em


Update: I've made a Photo page with all the banner images and short descriptions.

WordPress 2.0

I have upgraded the site to WordPress 2.0, mainly because of the much improved 'Write Post' interface, now a WYSIWYG editor called tinymce.

The upgrade has broken my theme and some of my plugins so it will take a few days before everything is working again...

Update: The theme is now somehow working again and I have installed a cool flash plugin (flashfader) that cycles banner images at the top.

Fixed problems with permalinks and stattraq/mostwanted

For a while now I have had the stattraq and mostwanted plugins installed. The idea is that stattraq logs statistics of how many users are visiting, which pages are popular etc. into a database. Then mostwanted picks out the most popular posts and lists them in the sidebar on the left.

Up until now I have only got the text "no results available" from mostwanted due to a problem with handling permalinks in stattraq. But today with some help from nice people on the #wordpress IRC channel I got it fixed. There are two things that need to be done.
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www.anderswallin.net launched

Blog launched. The idea is to move over all my previously separate webpages to this system: homepage, iom-pictures, iom-info, and radiosailing links.

moving all the material will take some time...

this site is hosted at dot5hosting and runs WordPress.

The theme is my own modification of the default theme. It's a fixed width theme, meant to be viewable on a 1024 pixel wide screen and the post area is wide enough for a 800 pixel image.