These are the images that appear as banners at the top of this blog:

Autumn leaves. October 2009.

The Andromeda galaxy (M31) as seen through a 200mm/F5.6 lens (40 min total exposure) from Tammisaari, Finland, on September 12th 2009.

Fireworks in Helsinki, 3 September 2009.

Spider with small mini-spiders on its back. Tammisaari, July 2009.

Our home-built 240mm Newtonian telescope. Kumpula, July 2009.

The dome which houses the Astrofox 36-inch folded Newtonian telescope at Artjärvi observatory. March 2009.

Downtown Boston. March 2009.

Bird. Boston, March 2009.

Interferogram for shape-analysis of our hand-ground/polished 240 mm F/5 parabolic mirror. Kumpula, February 2009.

The Orion nebula (M42). Espoo, December 2008.

Part of the milky way around the constellation cygnus. Tammisaari, August 2008.

Partial solar eclipse as photographed from Kumpula, Helsinki around 13:00 local time on August 1st 2008.

Jupiter with moons. Tammisaari, June 2008.

About half way through the finish-cutting of an IOM bulb cnc-milled in steel. May 2008.

Saturn through a 102mm F/9.8 (f=1000mm) refractor. Canon 400D with a 2x and a 3x barlow lens. Stack of around 10 frames. March 2008.

The moon through a 102mm F/9.8 (f=1000mm) refractor. Canon 400D, ISO400, 1/160s. February 2008.

The main result from my paper "Stiffer optical tweezers through real-time feedback control". The graph is a power spectral density plot for the position of an optically trapped bead with the different colors indicating different feedback gains. The solid lines show the theoretical prediction which is derived in the paper. May 2008. Appl. Phys. Lett. 92, 224104 (2008)

Panorama of the Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia. March 2007.

Inside the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas. August 2007.

Cartoon of the model that is analysed theoretically and computationally in my paper "Step Length Measurement - Theory and Simulation for tethered Bead Constant-Force Single Molecule Assay" (doi:10.1529/biophysj.106.097915). May 2007.

First successful run of the drop-cutter CAM algorithm. August 2007.

The moon with a 20D and a 70-200/F4L lens, 1/160 s, iso800, stationary tripod. December 2006.

MicroMagic sailing at the Helsinki Model Expo 2007. April 2007.

2.4 mr's starting at the Helsinki regatta in July 2006.

The St-Clement Aqueduct in Montpellier, France, August 2005. (while at the EBSA Biophysics congress)

IOMs rounding the leeward mark at the European Championships in Arcos, Spain, October 2004.

A port-tack parade up from the leeward mark at the IOM World Championships in Mooloolaba, Australia, September 2005.

A Bee, photographed sometime in 2003. Tammisaari.

A butterfly, 2003.

A lineup of flags at the IOM World Championships in Mooloolaba, Australia, September 2005.

Grasshopper, 2003.

Caterpillar, 2003.

CNC-cutting the plug out of MDF for the Noux 2 aft deck in April 2006.

Place de la Comedie by night, Montpellier, France, August 2005.

Mount Coonowrin, one of the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, Australia, September 2005.

Rounding the top marks at the NJK fall regatta in October 2005.

CAD image of the 2006-2007 Noux IOM.

The A-heat rounding the leeward mark at the Phocea Cup in Marseille, France, in April 2006.

The Wasatch Range as viewed from Antelope Island, Utah, USA, February 2006.

Stone formations in Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA, February 2006.

Spider, 2003.

Tree, 2006.