Links - 2010 Dec 26

UK Banks Attempt To Censor Academic Publication - Vídeos do Footy Pool Shark - German university has awesome slides of maximum efficiency - RepRap prints transistors, but fabs have little to fear - US Navy's Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System launches first fighter jet (update: video!) - Quadrocopter plays the piano, wishes us a happy and … Continue reading Links - 2010 Dec 26

Links - 2010 Dec 19

3D printable micro-hexapod - $10.30 - 0~25 mm Outside Micrometer (Precision 0.01mm) - Quadrocopters enter the Flying Machine Arena, must bounce a ping-pong ball to survive (video) - Nokia delays E7 slider into 'early 2011' - Orion and Environs - My RepRap is bigger than yours - MP3 player barely larger than an SD card … Continue reading Links - 2010 Dec 19

Temperature control circuits

I made two small circuits today for temperature control of the extruder head on a reprap type 3D printer. The idea is to control the temperature, which needs to be somewhere between 200 and 240 C I think, using EMC2 and two parallel port pins. The first circuit is based on the 555 and produces … Continue reading Temperature control circuits

OpenCAMLib machining simulation, v.2

This is my second attempt at a machining simulation where a moving milling tool cuts away voxels from the stock material. To save space an octree data structure is used to store the voxels, and to produce a nice looking surface you store the signed distance to the exact surface in each vertex of the … Continue reading OpenCAMLib machining simulation, v.2

Links - 2009 Dec 10

When Fluids Collide - Direct observation of the transfer of orbital angular momentum to metal particles from a focused circularly polarized Gaussian beam - parametric OpenSCAD model for a twisted box consisting of two parts that screw into each other. - Machine models and tool motions for simulating 5-axis machining -