3 thoughts on “uBlox F9T test”

  1. Try configuring IT to do a survey-in for 24h. And select GPS L1 and L2 only, turn off the other GNSS and SBAS.
    The survey is under time mode TM5.

    I haven't yet tested mine against UTC or a Maser (soon), but two units against each other show those 10 ns excursions while they're free moving. When their position is frozen, as the survey ends, they achieve 1.5 ns 1-sigma variation between them, with a few ns offset.

  2. Looking forward to getting my hands on the new F9T dev kits... The phase offset plot does not look great; did you use the quantisation / sawtooth corrections and what were the conditions and config - stationary mode, in motion?

    @Thomas thanks, this gives me a good picture of what to expect from the F9T.

    1. I have selected GPS L1 and L2, with most (all?) other systems disabled. Otherwise this I did not touch any settings. I don't know if it performs a survey and then goes into fixed mode all on its own - or does it have to be manually set to survey? and then fixed?

      with these same settings we should have a longer dataset which I can post results from in the next few days. This is with a longer antenna cable, so offset by +100ns or so.

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