Non-smooth output from ttt

I tried cranking up (10-fold) the number of line-segments that are used when approximating conics and cubics with lines. The results are mostly OK, but sometimes "wiggles" or "S-curves" appear, which cause problems for the medial-axis filter. This "P" is an example:

The medial axis on the right does not look correct. If we zoom in it's clear that there's an "S-curve" in the input geometry, which causes a LINELINE edge (drawn in darker blue), which the medial-axis filter doesn't think should be removed:

For the letters "EMC" it looks mostly OK, but there's a similar wiggle in "E"


Increasing the number of line-segments further causes even stranger things. Here's a zoom-in at the top of "P" that shows both the wiggle that was visible before, but also a strange inward bulge:

Hopefully this is a bug in how conics/cubics are converted to line-segments in ttt, and not an issue with how FreeType fonts are represented.

4 thoughts on “Non-smooth output from ttt”

  1. I'm pretty sure it's a bug in the specific font. In inkscape I created the letter "P" in freeserif bold italic and the wiggle-and-bulge appear in the same location as in your screenshots that ultimately came from ttt.

  2. Hi Anders,

    Great work - is there a shortcut method of adding new fonts to TTT? Is is possible to give a path to a font?

    Thanks for your great work!

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