Comparing waterlines

Here's a picture which compares the waterline toolpath for different cutters around a single triangle (cyan). The outermost path (red) is for a cylindrical cutter where we always make contact with either the shaft of the cutter or the circular rim/end of the cutter. Next is the yellow line for the toroidal or BullCutter, followed by the green line for a spherical or BallCutter. The innermost waterline (pink) is for a conical ConeCutter.


Here are some more waterlines at different heights. This exercise has uncovered at least two new bugs with CylCutter and ConeCutter! The CylCutter seems to fail when asking for a waterline at z=0.0, so that might hint at where the problem is. I'm not sure what is causing the jagged shape with ConeCutter.

Update: The cl-points for conecutter look right, so there must be something strange going on with the weave??


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