Signs of Summer

Last week was mostly flu and occasional fever. Managed a careful 7k jog on Saturday with newly bought Camelbak Fairfax (45eur + postage through . The Finnish retailers (including those at the HCR expo) seem to think that asking 69.90euros is just fine - no thanks!

The Finnish summer is cold but short - the last few days have finally been +20C or warmer. Quite similar to LA in late February.

Those mosquitoes were all hovering in a bunch, usually quite close to a tree branch. Took a lot of photos with a 200mm/F4 lens but with manual focus and shallow depth of focus the yield is low. Not sure what stage in their life-cycle they are in, I don't think they hover in one place and look like this later in the summer. Anyone who is a mosquito-lover care to explain? 🙂