Radio install idea v3

Here's another idea for the PIKANTO radio-installation. The yellow parts are 1.5 mm glassfiber boards (PCB-material) which are glued to the finbox and the mainsheet post. They would provide two or four mounting holes for M3 bolts that secure the main radio-plate (not shown) to the boat. If this is rigid enough I think no support to the sides of the hull or to the deck is required.

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  1. Dear Anders
    Following the progress of Your Pikanto. It looks great. I have had a Topiko- hull delivered from Heinz Bohn and I now have a Pikanto-hull delivered from Robert Grubisa. On both boats I have the v3 solution of rc-plate. And it´s very stiff. On the new boat i have the sheeting system going backwards to a block under the aft deck. And with a shuttle length of 240 mm. Which is enough. This give me better access to it. It´s simplier than the fordeck solution. I have two through deck sheetleads. So now I have no open holes at all through the deck. Something You have considered?
    Good luck in the further produktion
    Per Lundberg SWE 69

  2. Hello Per, is there a picture online of your sheeting system, or could you post one?


  3. Per,
    I am interested also in the picture olivierfra3700"at"

    Thanks Olivier

  4. HI Anders,
    V3 solution looks neat, although it seems access to the batteries may be a little tricky.

    Perhaps locate them under the aft deck cutout, like the Bantock option with a pot? I race against 2 Pikantos, one being Graham' Bantock's own boat from Barbados. This has the batteries similar to your V3. Another has batteries further aft, which we have observed delays the on-set of nose diving when running off the wind. Upwind, they are similar, which the Bantock boat seeming better beating in choppy water, with less fore-aft pitching. I just thought these observations may be of help to you...

    We also have made some interesting observations with some new mast sections as well, but that's another story!

    Good luck with the progress, I am eagerly following your progress.



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