Software install list

Windows doesn't have a nice package manager with software repositories all over the world like some other operating systems...

So with the new laptop and Windows 7 it's an all-day/night manual install job to get it up to speed:

Lenovo T400s drivers:

Thunderbird 3.0 The official 0.9 Lightning release doesn't work with the latest Thunderbird, so I have to use the latest development version. Also remember English (or UK) , Swedish, and Finnish dictionaries.


Firefox including the essential Tab Mix Plus and DownThemAll.

Adobe Flash player get's installed once you visit youtube or a similar site and click install.

Adobe Reader

VLC Player

Avira Antivirus The University provides F-Secure also, but it can slow even the fastest machine down to a crawl. Looking at the Avira add once per day isn't too bad.

VirtualCloneDrive I used Daemon-Tools on my old machine but now I hear that it comes with spyware and other bad stuff(?)




Google Earth


TrueCrypt let's keep the 500 Gig USB-harddrive at least a little private...

iTunes Not so much for the music, I never buy anything, but iTunes University is great!




Garmin Connect connects the 405CX GPS-watch for data-transfer.


Nokia PC-Suite


Then there's a bunch of commercial software my University provides:
Office 2007

Still on the ToDo list: DIVX/XVID codec pack (any suggestions?), eDrawings, an IRC-client (mIRC??).

What's your must-have software? Any essentials I've missed? Comment below!

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  1. Install Kubuntu Karmic Koala 64-bit

    Enable backports & partners repository, add
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo apt-get install wajig yakuake
    wajig install plasma-desktopthemes-artwork kdeplasma-addons plasma-wallpapers-addons htop supertuxkart extremetuxracer supertux kdegames palapeli kubuntu-restricted-extras build-essential openssh-server kphotoalbum skype googleearth scribus gimp inkscape language-pack-kde-fi language-support-fi x11vnc marble kaffeine firefox webkitkde subversion git-core

    No ckliclickclikclickdownloadinstallrestartclickupgradedriverversionsclickclickCRASH!!restartclcickinstallantivirusclickdownloadclickinstallfirewallrestartclickclickc needed...

    (congrats on the new laptop 🙂

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