CNC milled rudder mould

As a test-case for our upgraded mill we made this aluminium rudder mould. Surface finish is now significantly better than previously, and this mould will only require light sanding to reach a polished finish. We're still using the stepper motors. Things should further improve a bit with the servos since it will then be possible to run the finish pass with a ball-nose endmill and a very small stepover to reach a nice surface finish.

In the next few weeks when the servos are in use it will be possible to produce fin, rudder, and keel-bulb moulds pretty easily. Moulds for the Noux design will be offered for sale(email me if you are interested!), and if anyone has his or her own design for a fin/rudder/bulb we can very probably produce a mould for that too (limited by the work envelope of the mill, ca 500/200/200 mm X/Y/Z).