Compression strut for Gooseneck

Two new parts for the gooseneck: a compression strut from Sails ETC, and a DIY mast-ram.

The compression strut fits the lower end of the gooseneck (bottom left), and if you bend it a little bit, it will fit a Sails ETC eyebolt too (far right) - which I plan to use on the boom. The mast-ram consists of a plastic fitting (Maritim) that grabs the mast, a stainless steel M4 bolt (I need to open the plastic fitting a little so the head of the bolt sinks into the plastic). A brass M4 thumbwheel (Ruuvikulma) provides adjustment.

6 thoughts on “Compression strut for Gooseneck”

  1. Anders
    Remember that the gooseneck shall only work in tension. As I understand the picture your system can work both in tension and compression.

  2. Hi Ole-Peder,

    In the 1995 IOM Class Rules there was a rule about the kicking strap acting from below the main boom, and only working in tension. I've looked through the 2003 Class Rules, but can't seem to find anything like this. If you can find something, please email me the class rule number I am braking !

    So as far as I can tell both a rigid kicking strap (such as a compression strut), and a kicking strap mounted above the boom (a la Marblehead) is allowed in the 2003 IOM Class Rules.


  3. Hi Anders

    As far as I know, the kicking strap is an item of rigging. The ERS tells us that rigging acts only in tension.

    Best regards,

  4. Hi Lester,

    I'm reading the 2003v.2 class rules:

    F1.1 says rigging (ERS term) and fittings are mandatory.

    F2.4 (c) tells me the kicking strap *fitting* may use ball bearings

    F.3.3 (a) (3) and (4) tell me that both a Gooseneck and a Kickin strap fitting are mandatory.

    F.4.3 (a) (3) also tells me a kicking strap fitting is mandatory

    (now the gooseneck is suddenly optional... F.4.3(b)2)

    then I come to F.6 where the kicking strap is suddenly running rigging (there's no "running rigging" in the ERS, so should I interpret the IOM CR to mean rigging here?)

    so what exactly are the gooseneck, the kicking strap fitting, and the kicking strap ? some of these are fittings, some maybe running rigging...

    Most people seem to use the Sails ETC type of kicking strap with a rigging screw and a piece of steel-wire with a round welded blob on the end. This gives maybe 10 or 5mm "give" in the compression direction, so you might argue that this fitting is not capable of acting in compression - and thus rigging. So how much "give" is required ? There certainly is at least 0.1 mm play in the bolt holes of my compression strut. That should be enough !

    continuing this argument, F.6 lists other parts that are "running rigging": the main and headsail clew fittings for example. Would a piece of 1-2mm steel wire here be allowed ? it certainly can act in compression I think. Is the bent wire that most people use to hang the mainsail from a "mainsail halyard" ? By this same logic then it should not operate in compression ?


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