Futaba strikes back !

One of the most exciting things for a while now in the R/C world has been the 'no crystall' radios operating on 2.4 GHz from both Nomadio and Spektrum

Now it appears that the big players are entering the game. These pics of an upcoming Futaba product were just posted to the IOMICA forum:

The Rx on the right supposedly has two internal antennas (no wire antenna exiting the Rx) and weighs only 14g !

These images were found at
http://data.robbe-online.net/robbe_pic/P1001/P1001_1-F1901.jpg and
but otherwise there seems to be very little information available...

If anyone knows more about this system please post a comment below !

4 thoughts on “Futaba strikes back !”

  1. This is the HRS version of the Spektrum system. It was made by spektrum to Futaba specs. Advantage is that it has a 2ms latency compared to 5-6 ms in PPM mode and 12ms for PPM 40mhz radios

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