Laerke IOM by Søren Andresen

drawing in DXF format

Søren Andresen (DEN) sent me the plans for his own design with which he won the 2005 Nordic Championship and placed 2nd in 2004. He also sailed it into 35. place in the 2004 Euro Champs in Arcos/Spain.

The PDF file contains the sections and a drawing with the mast and keel positions but you should really download the DXF file and printout accurate sections with a CAD program if you want to build the boat.

Update 2006 Apr 13: Pietro Binda (ITA) sent me these pictures of his Laerke:

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  1. Dear Andres,
    I am an Italian guy who has downloaded the plan from your website. I've prepared a female mold and with a friend we are buinding two boats. Compared to our club, the hull seems very close to the best performing ships (i.e. cockatoo, etc.).
    I will let you know and have some photos... Hope the boat will be ready for early next year.

  2. Anders do you have side profilew lines like the NOUX onm this site so I can make a solid plug?

  3. Hi Andrew. The lines posted above is all I have at the moment, but it would not be that hard to import the shadows into a CAD program, create a hull surface, and then slice it up in the profile view.
    Maybe during the hlidays I'll have time to look at it.

  4. Hi, andrew
    I´m currently building a ship with your LAERKE design, and I wanted to know if you have any specifics on the distribution of the internal elements on the ship.

    Also, if there´s any additional information you think might be usefull I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks in advance,

  5. Hi pablo,
    I have some pictures of the designers (Soren Andresen, DEN) Laerke taken at the 2004 European Championships in Arcos Spain - those might be useful for you.
    I will (re)publish those pictures shortly.


  6. Hi,

    We would like to build this boat so every additional information and pictures could be very usefull.
    Unfortunatelly we could not find too much technical information on the internet.
    Could you publish your photos and any other infos?


  7. That looks like a carbon beam across the boat and if that is bonded to the deck rather than bolted then you may have some possible measurement problems as it could well be regarded as being a structural part of the 'hull' as defined in ERS. I would check with IOMICA if I were you and be safe.

  8. @Val: if you are refetrring to my pictures (green boat), I've not registered as IOM, also because the hull is carbon fiber... 🙂

  9. Ok, that's honest. Have you kept everything else according to the rules or just let your imagination run riot?

  10. 🙂
    No, It was just a loboratory boat to test new ideas and materials... the boat is now two years old and is showing ageing signs... some cracks on the paints, some parts have been modified, etc... It'll never be a IOM!
    Also because I'm falling in love with the 1,5 feet boats we are using on our very small lake...

  11. Can anyone provide me with the drawings showing less shadow or colour code all of the shadow lines, it is hard to figure out where on starts and the other one start.

  12. Hi Andrew,
    Download the DXF version of the plan. You can then open it with a CAD program (Rhino for example, or Corel Draw or something similar) and delete any sections you don't want.

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