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Saturn 24.3.2008

Around 10 images of Saturn stacked with registax. 102mm refractor (f=1000 mm) with a 2x and a 3x barlow stacked between camera and prime focus. This time through the 90-deg diagonal, so it looks flipped up/down compared to the picture a few days ago.

Clear skies - Finally!

It's been cloudy almost every night for about three weeks now, but finally today a half-decent sky-watching night. The moon is full, so my moon pictures were predictably quite bland. I tried to search for some messier objects, but with a poor finder-scope and 25mm being the widest eyepiece that didn't work out too well […]


Had hoped to shoot the Pleiades with some longer exposures today, but clouds rolling in prevented that. So some snapshots at ISO100 and 1/4s of Saturn instead. These are 100% crops, so maybe I need to get an adapter for eyepiece-photography for shooting planets at higher magnification? The clouds caused this round halo-effect around the […]