Saturn 24.3.2008

Around 10 images of Saturn stacked with registax. 102mm refractor (f=1000 mm) with a 2x and a 3x barlow stacked between camera and prime focus. This time through the 90-deg diagonal, so it looks flipped up/down compared to the picture a few days ago.

Clear skies - Finally!

It's been cloudy almost every night for about three weeks now, but finally today a half-decent sky-watching night. The moon is full, so my moon pictures were predictably quite bland. I tried to search for some messier objects, but with a poor finder-scope and 25mm being the widest eyepiece that didn't work out too well (even with Stellarium on the laptop right beside me...). Here's the best of around 10 shots of Saturn.

102mm refractor, f=1000mm (~F/10), 2x Barlow, Canon 20D, 1/3 s exposure at ISO100


Had hoped to shoot the Pleiades with some longer exposures today, but clouds rolling in prevented that. So some snapshots at ISO100 and 1/4s of Saturn instead. These are 100% crops, so maybe I need to get an adapter for eyepiece-photography for shooting planets at higher magnification?

The clouds caused this round halo-effect around the moon. By 23:00 it was impossible to shoot stars.

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