Korttelirastit Otaniemi

6 km course, about +2C and cloudy. Most snow has melted - no need for spiked shoes. 7.99km route at 5:51/km pace. Placing around 18th out of 107 runners. About 2 min of error in total.

  • Just after #2 there is no way through directly towards #3, but I still run that way and check that the fence is really there. +30s.
  • Out of #8 there is a steep hill to climb on the direct route - but I choose the easy way around instead. +30s.
  • Running down the hill from #9 towards #10 I plan to round the building to the right - it looks better - but then follow others the left route around the building. Again probably +30s.
  • At #13 it's hard to say from the map if there is a passage between the buildings, and the left more direct route would work. The long way around (right of the building) and back is slow and probably at least +30s again here.


Korttelirastit Heureka

Start -> #1: along the rail-road in front of Heureka, then along the street might have been better. My route is more scenic along the river.

#5->#6 route choice between left or right side of the rail-road for the long straight bit. Close to the control I slow down at the right smaller road/path towards #6 but then I fail to make the turn there.

#8->#9 and #9->#10 on both of these legs the left route choice seems better in hindsight. Especially my S-shaped route to #10 does not look good.

6km course, 9km route in 48min48s or 5:22/km. 11th out of 86 runners. Around +2 C, windy, and snow/rain at the start.


Korttelirastit, Hakaniemi-Kruunuhaka

Sprint-O on familiar streets today. The 5 km course was composed of two sprint-courses, 2.4 km in Hakaniemi and 2.6 km in Kruununhaka. I didn't use a compass today 😉

The Polar V800 GPS did not work great on the Hakaniemi map and I had to correct the GPS-trace a lot to get this result. Mostly OK going, but out of #12 I took the wrong path down from the control-hill, assumed I had hit the right street leading towards #13, and ended up close to the forbidden area (Hämeentie). Green arrows show the correct path, probably up to 2 min lost here.


On the second course I didn't make any major mistakes. #3 was hard to say if it was reachable only below from the sloping hill, or also from the top along the much easier terrace with a fence. I took the slower path from below and then climbed the fence after finding the control. The way out from #8 towards #9 seems awkward and slow, but maybe there is no route directly south out of #8?

Total time 47min 22s for both courses. 12th place out of ca 63 runners.