Five colours of noise

Update: now with the colours matching in all graphs:


Time-series generated with colorednoise (following Kasdin&Walter), power-spectral-densities and Allan deviations computed with allantools, and compared to theoretical predictions in IEEE1139-2008.


The PSD lines and MDEV lines seem spot-on, but are the ADEV lines systematically a bit low?

Code here:



These are the standard colours we have for coloring gel-coat for the Pikanto right now. They are from emc-vega. Hull nr1 was a mix of blue and white, hull nr2 a mix of black and white.

The SAILSetc links to this page which has a lot of nice colours. Anyone know where (online?) to buy those?

On an airplane-forum someone mentioned using colour pastes for 2-part epoxy-paint, is that available in cool colours somewhere?