• 2011: Jari Immanen is selling CNC-machined moulds and parts at: http://rcyachttech.webs.com/
  • 2011: We are NOT producing the PIKANTO for sale currently.
  • 2010 September: The hull/deck mould has been damaged, and we will either repair it or produce a new deck-mould. In the mean time no new hulls will be produced.
  • 2010 June 4: We are not accepting orders for hulls/boats yet. The foredeck mould has been modified for easier manufacturing. The fin/mastbox alignment has been improved which ensures a straight finbox on all hulls. We have developed a cnc-machined steel-mould for the fin which produces a very stiff and lightweight carbon fin. We are developing parts/moulds for installing the RC-components in the boat. Jari designed and machined a 99mm diameter winch-drum (see below). If all goes well we will have a few hulls in stock by the end of July 2010.
  • 2010May10: added link to Brazilian PIKANTO builder.
  • 2010Mar13: bumpers now in stock (ca 5+ pcs)
  • 2010Mar09: added pictures to hull nr 004


The PIKANTO is an International One Metre (see www.iomclass.org) class radio-controlled yacht. Designed by Graham Bantock in 2008, it is sold by SAILSetc as well as a number of licensed builders around the world. In addition to us, the builders with websites I am aware of are:

Jari Immanen and Anders Wallin, under license from SAILSetc/Graham Bantock, produce a version of the PIKANTO in Helsinki, Finland. Our version is different in that Anders designed a new deck which is moulded in one piece. From these CAD-files Jari produced a CNC-machined plug of our own. Most other builders have made moulds from the original SAILSetc plug. The hull-shape is identical to the original PIKANTO. We mould the hull in a novel way with a closed mould, which produces a very strong boat with all of the deck and the fin/mastbox and the rudder tube in place.


Preliminary prices and specifications as of 2010 February (subject to change!):

  • xx euros, Hull, including deck, mast/fibox, and rudder tube.
    • see hull-list below for pictures
    • Moulded with epoxy resin and two layers of 163 g/sq.m twill-weave glassfiber.
    • Colour choices TBA.
  • xx euros, Fin (carbon).
    • see picture of steel mould
    • Moulded in cnc-machined steel mould with epoxy resin using 200 g/sq.m plain-weave Carbon as outer layer and 250 g/sq.m UHM unidirectional carbon as inner layer. Balsa or epoxy foam core.
  • xx euros, Rudder (carbon)
    • Moulded in cnc-machined aluminium mould with epoxy resin and 200g /sq.m plain-weave Carbon. 4 mm Carbon stock. Balsa or epoxy foam core.
  • xx euros, Bow-bumper (silicone)
  • xx euros, cnc-machined aluminium 99mm diameter winch-drum for HiTec arm-winch. Weight 21 grams. Four M3 threads for attachment to servo horn. See picture of cnc-machined winch drum.
  • TBA bulb ballast
  • TBA fittings-pack (deck-eyes, RC-plate fittings, RC-plate, etc.)
  • TBA fit fittings-pack and assemble boat, only add radio and rigs yourself.
  • TBA International shipping

List of hulls

Two early prototype hulls were moulded in January 2010. Due to various reasons they will remain demo-hulls and not be completed. Pictures of demo-hull.