KU-rastit, Böleberget

Last orienteering practice before the Jukola relay. 5k course at Böleberget in Sipoo.

Slightly nervous right at the start on #1, OKish #2, then I probably unnecessarily avoided a green area that was marked slow on the map en route to #3.  Then mostly OK through #7. Going towards #8 there's an extra U-shaped bit which should have been straight. But then on the shortest leg of the course between #9 and #10 I somehow lost it and spent 8 minutes searching for #10. Probably frustrated by that I drifted too much down and right on the way to #11, almost stumbling on #12 instead.

Aluerastit, Mejlans

3k sprint course. The sprint map is 1:5000 scale which caused some confusion directly at the start on #1. Then mostly OK until #14 which I searched for a bit. Total time 32 minutes so getting close to a reasonable pace of 10min/course-km.

Itärastit, Latokartano

Routegadget: http://www.rastihaukat.fi/cgi-bin/gadget/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=42&kieli=

Spent an unbelievable 17 minutes looking for nr3... Should have gone directly east from nr2, but somehow drifted too much south, and then ran around in circles for a while, actually using nr7 to put myself back on the map.

Not sure I agree 100% with the placement of nr5 (and thus the squiggle in the gps-trace), I feel it was in reality placed slightly differently compared to how it was drawn on the map.

Otherwise mostly OK.