Itärastit Paloheinä

Last itärastit event for this spring. See you again in August.

Probably also last orienteering practice before Louna-Jukola next weekend.


#2 found the correct ditch but passed close by the flag before turning around to find it. +2 min.

#9 ran too far along the road and passed close to #4 before turning towards the control.

#15 nothing much wrong but still a bad split. straighter through the green apparently is faster.

Itärastit, Paloheinä


A great big loop around #2 that cost at least +3 minutes 🙁

Then I ran past #5, just didn't look in the right direction at the right moment. Maybe +1 minutes here.

Out of #8, should have avoided the green dashed slow area by rounding it clearly north or south - very slow going until I reached the road. Another minute lost there probably.

Overall an easy course with emphasis on running - as long as clear and good route choices could be made...

Iltarastit, Paloheinä

2014-09-08_IR_paloheina_qr_splitsThe last Monday orienteering event for this year - as autumn arrives it now gets quite dark after 20:00 or so - and 'Iltarastit' moves to Sundays for five more weeks.

Straightforward orienteering and fast running as usual in paloheinä.

#1 and #2 OK. Then to #3 a J-bend (maybe +30 s) instead of using the line between the white and light-green forest as a guide directly to the control.
Reasonable going towards #4 but quite tentative and lots of looking at the map close to the control. #5-#6-#7 OK.
The biggest mistake came on #8 which should have been easy. Slightly the wrong direction south through a bit of forest and towards the bend in the big road. However I arrive at the wrong bend and there's also someone else there who makes the same mistake. +2 minutes probably.
#9 OK along the road, and #10 also OK. On the way to #11 I read the map along the wrong bend in the small river and the big road comes as a surprise, +30 s at least for stopping and map reading here.
To #12 and the Finish I take a direct route, but avoiding some of the climbing would probably have been faster.

Overall 14./52 which is OK.

Itärastit Paloheinä


S-#1 the paths directly north would have been faster
#5-#6 running on the roads, maybe even straight over the hill, would have been faster than pushing through the green area.
#6-#7 bad direction out of #6, straight north would have been OK
#7-#8 most time lost here, and worst split 🙁 Ran along the line until almost inside the control-circle but then circled around loosing 3 minutes. The road north, maybe via the big stone before the control, would have been a safer option?
#11-#12 aiming for the same North-South paths that lead to #1 would maybe have been faster than running along the blue ditch in the green.

Maybe one more orienteering practice before Jukola next weekend!