IOM Nordic Cup, race 2

Update: Thanks to Jorma Ojama for sending me some nice pictures from the first six races!

Race 2 of the IOM Nordic Cup (also known as the Scandinavian Cup, although that name is much longer and geographically incorrect) was sailed on 9 Aug 2008 at NJK Björkholmen. Only ten skippers showed up, probably partly because Helsinki/Finland is far away, but also because our own Finnish ranking series has seen a decline in participants this year (could smaller more readily available boats solve this?). 12 races in a shifting westerly wind were completed.

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Race 3 of the series will be sailed on 20-21 September in Prestø, Denmark

One thought on “IOM Nordic Cup, race 2”

  1. Anders
    The name is Scandinavian IOM Cup, that is agreed on between all countries involved, even if you disagrees your NCA chairman and many of the Finnish sailors are happy with the name.

    I must remind you that the Nordic Sailing Federation is called "Scandinavian Sailing Federation" where also Finland and Estonia is members.

    The most important race in the Nordic countries is the Nordic IOM Championship, which also happens to be a part of the SC, the namechange was done to avoid mixing these two

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