Länsirastit, Kaitakorpi


A good run on Tuesday at Firmaliiga resulted in much tiredness both in the legs and in the mind on Thursday. I search for #1 too soon and to the right, try to find #2 too late and on the wrong hill, make a mess out of what looks like an easy #5-#6 leg, take a bad direction out of #8 to round the lake to the north, and finish off on #10 by running just past the control inside the circle.

Anyway they all count as experience I guess... 🙂

Länsirastit, Lahnus


S-#1-#2 OK, then towards #3 should have rounded the steep cliff altogether and avoided the ascent/descent after #2 - still #3 and #4 are among the best splits.

A complete blackout after #4 when I ran 180-degrees in the wrong direction for a while 🙁

#6 OK but then very close to the correct stone at #7 a loop to the right instead. #8 is again a good split - mostly running along paths and roads.

Then again completely the wrong direction out of #8 🙁 #10 and #11 look like good splits but didn't feel that great as the vegetation was thick and thorny.

Länsirastit, Olari


After a summer break it's time to start orienteering again.

Stable, controlled, and positive run today! Perhaps because rain and thunder had lowered the temperature by five degrees to around +22C so it wasn't as hot as otherwise lately.

  • at #1 should have followed the path for a bit longer, and read the map more carefully to check that the control is actually quite high up on the hill.
  • #3 perhaps a straighter route in the beginning - and then "punching through" to the big path with speed instead of a tentative J-bend close to the control circle.
  • Found #7 before #6 - should have used better intermediate checkpoints when stepping off the path close to #6
  • To #11 I actually planned to take the norther road but then aimlessly ran down the hill out of #10 and found myself on the straight road south of #10.

Länsirastit Kiimasuo


A map where the straightest route was fastest. Many places had cut down trees which were best avoided.

2-3: Drifted too much right, thus my route is unnecessarily long at 137% of the straight-line distance.

5-6: Tried to avoid the slow green area by running on the road/rock, but didn't hit the control and ran past it a bit. Worst split 🙁

8-9: Not much to read/observe on the downslope towards #9. My direction out of #8 is off a bit towards the south and I should have used the big stone and open clearing (circled yellow) as an intermediate checkpoint. Crossed the ditch too much south but found #9 reasonably quickly.