Itärastit Latokartano

This was the last itärastit event for this year. See you next year in April again!

#2: wrong direction and slow pace out of #1 is probably the cause of the bad split.

#4: completely lost it when almost inside the control circle. Through to the big road and even ran along the road in the wrong direction for a bit...

#11 down the hill too much to the north, then looked for the control in the wrong place before I found the bend in the road,

#15 tried to look for the path marked with a thick dashed line, but there are many paths and it's not clear which one to follow. Might have been faster to simplify the plan and run to the big road behind #10 first.


Itärastit, Latokartano


An easy course where the challenge was keeping up speed and planning well ahead so that there were no walking breaks or stops. 4th out of 40 runners is pretty good although the level isn't that high on these Saturday events 🙂

  • #3 somehow ran past the control and up the wrong hill. over 2 minutes lost 🙁
  • My zigzag route to #5 isn't good. Straighter or staying on one side of the control-line would be better.
  • To #7 along paths - safe but maybe too slow. Perhaps straighter down the hill out of #6 would have been faster.

Itärastit Latokartano


A lot of running along roads, but some orienteering required on controls #5 - #12 also.
On #8 should have followed the straight line via the rocks.
#9-#10-#11 are either on top of a hill or on a steep downslope. It's hard to say how far up or down they are. From #11 I went south and came down the steep and slow slope. Straight west out of the control down a more gentle slope might have been faster.

Then this at #9. Less than 20m from the control I decide it must be more north and do a 4 minute loop.


Itärastit, Latokartano


Nice going on 1-4, then a little slower to #5.
Towards #6 I first had the wrong direction and found the road close to #7 instead. Then again the wrong direction from the road towards #6??
7-9 OKish. Big problems on #10 - should learn to recognize these harder legs and play it very safe. Many paths that were not marked on the map lead to all kinds of confusion..