Iltarastit Postintaival

Sprint-like course in Helsinki central park. 23 legs over 7 km is about 300 m per leg on average.

Three-four smaller and larger mistakes.

  • after a good start at #1 I zigzag towards #2 via the wrong hill. maybe +1min
  • down from #3 I take the wrong path to the bigger road. maybe +1min
  • towards #14 I should have taken the same path as on the #9-#10 leg but instead make a loop to the right. +2min at least
  • Out of #18 I first have the map 180-degrees wrong and take a few steps south before realizing I should go north. Then I read the #6-#5 line for a while before realizing I should go to #19. Crossing lines like this are always dangerous! Maybe +2min and the worst split.