Why can't AIP/Scitation do RSS feeds right?

I follow a number of scientific journals through their RSS feed of new articles. Google-reader makes it easy to stay on top of the 20 or so most interesting journals that each publish maybe 10 papers per week.

But now AIP and their website provider Scitation are messing it all up. They've decided to expand their archives and are putting scanned pdf articles from around 1979-1981 online. The trouble is these papers are showing up as new articles in the RSS feed! Not only that, but the text in the RSS feed shows the papers as appearing now, in 2008. It's only when you click through to the journal homepage that you realize the thing is 20+ years old.

This becomes very frustrating when suddenly APL or Rev.Sci.Instr indicates that they have 200 or more new papers! If they wanted to advertise to the world their 1980s physics they should do it with a different RSS feed.

I've emailed AIP and Scitation about this, but didn't get a reply. If you have the same problem I urge you to also email them and complain!