Pirttibacka 10k feat. Giant's Kettle

The loop marked with yellow signs from Pirttimäki is about 8 km, so we did some bonus-metres to the south of Sorlampi to get a full 10k. As a bonus we looked at the Giant's Kettles just north of Sorlampi (arrow-marks-the-spot).
Although the weather is warm, around +6C maybe, It's fairly dark around 16-17 already 🙁

Thursday Ten

Long time no run. But apparently skiing and cycling does work as a substitute for keeping up a bit of fitness.

I went and signed up for the Helsinki city run half-marathon. The best I did last year on that distance was about 1h 51min, so it would be nice to improve on that with a 1:4x time. That requires a steady pace of about 5:00/km. Yikes!

Apparently my kind of blogging about skiing, cycling, and running is very old fashioned and I should be doing at heiaheia instead with the cool people...

What's that peak in the HR at <5min ??

First time I crossed the new "Crusell" bridge (see also here) in ruoholahti. It appears to have a concrete surface which is very hard on the feet.

Sunday Ten

On average this is 4-hour marathon pace, or 5:40/km, but accelerating towards the end - once the motor warms up it feels quite easy run at 5:30-5:20 pace, at least for 10k at a time...

No long run (which now is defined as ~20k) last week then. Rest is good too...

Tuesday ten

It's funny how dramatic a 9% increase in pace from a leisurely 6 min/km down to 5:30min/km feels. At 10km/h it's a leisurely jog, while at 10.9km/h right now for me it feels much more like serious running (and the HR skyrockets...).