The annual fireworks competition in Helsinki was fired off Hernesaari this year. Two sudden rain showers interrupted the show, and security had placed the fence quite a long way away from the fire and explosions - otherwise the event was nice. Taking pictures of fireworks is fairly easy with the right equipment, these are shot with a 40mm lens stopped down to F10 and exposing by hand via cable-release in bulb-mode for whatever seemed to be a suitable time/display. Bring a tripod.

IOM Nordic Cup, race 2

Update: Thanks to Jorma Ojama for sending me some nice pictures from the first six races!

Race 2 of the IOM Nordic Cup (also known as the Scandinavian Cup, although that name is much longer and geographically incorrect) was sailed on 9 Aug 2008 at NJK Björkholmen. Only ten skippers showed up, probably partly because Helsinki/Finland is far away, but also because our own Finnish ranking series has seen a decline in participants this year (could smaller more readily available boats solve this?). 12 races in a shifting westerly wind were completed.

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Race 3 of the series will be sailed on 20-21 September in Prestø, Denmark