Ferrari Four

Jari made another red hull while I was in the USA.

The flanges around the openings in the foredeck have proven hard or very hard to release from the mould, so I've now cut them down from the deck mould. From hull nr 5 onwards (another red one I hear) there will be no built-in flanges in the foredeck. The flanges do stiffen the deck a lot, but they make the whole foredeck difficult to laminate, and hard to release - so away they went!

More PIKANTO hull nr 1 pictures

Some more pictures of hull nr 1. The weight of the hull and deck, including mast/finbox and rudder-tube is 600 g. We hope to improve on that since this prototype hull has a bit too much resin in a lot of places. In 2003 I made this weight-budget for an Italiko, which  shows the Italiko hull with fittings and ready for radio-gear weighing 623 grams and requiring more than 100 g of corrector weights.

Hull nr 2 will probably be moulded next weekend, and we hope to make a few changes to the lay-up etc. to produce an even nicer looking boat.