PIKANTO nr 3 completed

Jari has added fittings, radio-installation, bulb, and foils to PIKANTO hull nr 3. Note the aluminium cnc-machined winch-drum for the HiTec winch-servo.

While we have developed a good looking cnc-machined steel finmould, ruddermoulds, a bumper mould, etc. we are still not producing hulls in any larger numbers for sale due to various reasons. Stay tuned.

Ferrari Four

Jari made another red hull while I was in the USA.

The flanges around the openings in the foredeck have proven hard or very hard to release from the mould, so I've now cut them down from the deck mould. From hull nr 5 onwards (another red one I hear) there will be no built-in flanges in the foredeck. The flanges do stiffen the deck a lot, but they make the whole foredeck difficult to laminate, and hard to release - so away they went!