More PIKANTO hull nr 1 pictures

Some more pictures of hull nr 1. The weight of the hull and deck, including mast/finbox and rudder-tube is 600 g. We hope to improve on that since this prototype hull has a bit too much resin in a lot of places. In 2003 I made this weight-budget for an Italiko, which  shows the Italiko hull with fittings and ready for radio-gear weighing 623 grams and requiring more than 100 g of corrector weights.

Hull nr 2 will probably be moulded next weekend, and we hope to make a few changes to the lay-up etc. to produce an even nicer looking boat.

4 thoughts on “More PIKANTO hull nr 1 pictures”

  1. congratulations!
    to be the first, is excellent!
    hopefully will go on sale!
    we hope that it will be affordable to all!
    hello toni ita 191

  2. Ciao Toni! We will make a few prototype hulls first and after that hulls will be available for sale. By then we should have moulds for a fin and a rudder too.


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