Itärastit, Salmenkallio

4.5.2013 Salmenkallio. Ugh - many mistakes (five out of twelve legs) - and they were out of maps so had to use a hand-drawn map.
#3 circling around as I was looking for the control on top of a ridge or at a saddle, when in fact it was much lower down. Wrong interpretation of height contours..
#5 BIG problems. It should have been easy to run along the path and look for the right cliff features on the right and find the control 50m from the path. I managed to climb the hill much too soon and circle around on top of it. Dead last in the split-times! :)
#6 veering off compass course to the right, which resulted in unnecessary distance. Blue line shows a better direction.
#11 somehow I was afraid of the green area and decided to run around it, but made a much bigger loop than necessary. Should have run right through(blue line) the green thick area!


Itärastit, Degerö


A fairly easy course with lots of running along roads and paths.
Right at the beginning on #2 I searched for it on the wrong hill - on the wrong side of the road/path ?!?
#3-#4-#5-#6-#7 nothing to report. Running speed is enough for top-10 placings 🙂
#8 the GPS-path looks ok but speed was slow.
#9 right after #8 the compass seemed to just rotate around and I wasn't confident enough to run by the map alone. Very slow and shaky going to #9.
#10-#11-#12 more fitness required to keep up speed in the forest and uphills
#13 again an easier control and better speed
#14 lost concentration and headed in the wrong direction. Lots of open areas with freshly cut trees (compare to 2012 map)- hard to tell how well the map corresponded to reality here.

Itärastit, Latokartano

Saturday orienteering again.
#2 a short but steep hill to climb from #1. Better fitness would not hurt 🙂
#3 and #4 not much to report
#5 biggest mistake of the day as I ran too far to a bigger road, not finding the small path that would have led directly to the control. Maybe 2-3min lost here.
#6 and #7 ok.
#8 again up that steep hill, resulting in not-so-great running speed once on top of the hill towards #8
#9 through #12 and finish were easy. Could have possibly saved time on #12 by running on the road instead of through the woods.
Time 51 min 19 s.