Three days in Berlin

JPK Instruments hosted a one-day Optical Tweezers meeting in Berlin on Thursday. We heard 9 talks and looked at about 30 posters, one of which was mine. As I had not been to Berlin before I reserved a day and a half for looking at the city and its attractions.

Public transport works very well in Berlin. With one ticket you get to ride the S-Bahn (trains), the U-Bahn (underground), and Strassenbahn (trams). They're all on time, fairly fast, and not too crowded. In addition you get to see the nice train stations, some from 1880 or so.

The pictures are from Berliner Dom (note numbered seats. Ordnung muss sein!), the Museum fur Naturkunde (see all those species you never knew existed), and the Deutches Technikmuseum Berlin and Spectrum (the latter was more fun with all kinds of hands-on experiments).

The Mauermuseum at Checkpoint Charlie was interesting, but presented so much pictures, text, and newspaper clips that it was hard to stay focused towards the end.

This is the first time I'm using the WordPress gallery feature. It seems to work although right now the ordering of the pictures is a mystery to me. How do you like it?