Ninja, a Marblehead by Henry Ericsson

A building guide for the "Ninja" Marblehead in 4 parts by Henry "Heffe" Ericcson. Published in Pienoismalli in 1988.

During the 80-ies it was still possbile to home-build a competitive Marblehead. The article describes the planking process, radio installation and rig building. An unknown number of these were built and raced in the 1990-ies, the most visible ones being two beautifully planked wooden Ninja's by the Purhonen brothers.

A nice example of how an article series can have a positive effect on the class in a country. A comprehensive guide starting from scratch building the hull and ending with tuning the boat and racing rules/tactics. We definitely need something similar for the IOM class ! (something along these lines is where I want to take the Noux concept - if and when I have time...)

This series later also appeared in the Swedish Allt om Hobby magazine. (If anyone has that article series I could publish it here also!)

Click the upper picture to download the article series (4 Mb)

The lower picture is a link to the plan (1 Mb)

Vimppeli, a Finnish model yacht from 1953

I've started a new 'Articles' section which will feature articles that I've collected. I expect they will be mostly radio sailing related, some in english, some in finnish or swedish.

This article, a piece of Finnish model yachting history published in a magazine called Joka Poika in 1953, is a plan and a building guide for a vane steered model yacht. At the end of the article an upcoming finnish championship with more than 20 of these boats taking part is described !

Thanks to Risto Tomminen for sending me this article. Risto had one of these boats and took part in the finnish championship in 1955.

Click the picture to download the pdf file (3 Mb).