Ninja, a Marblehead by Henry Ericsson

A building guide for the "Ninja" Marblehead in 4 parts by Henry "Heffe" Ericcson. Published in Pienoismalli in 1988.

During the 80-ies it was still possbile to home-build a competitive Marblehead. The article describes the planking process, radio installation and rig building. An unknown number of these were built and raced in the 1990-ies, the most visible ones being two beautifully planked wooden Ninja's by the Purhonen brothers.

A nice example of how an article series can have a positive effect on the class in a country. A comprehensive guide starting from scratch building the hull and ending with tuning the boat and racing rules/tactics. We definitely need something similar for the IOM class ! (something along these lines is where I want to take the Noux concept - if and when I have time...)

This series later also appeared in the Swedish Allt om Hobby magazine. (If anyone has that article series I could publish it here also!)

Click the upper picture to download the article series (4 Mb)

The lower picture is a link to the plan (1 Mb)