Itärastit, Latokartano

Saturday orienteering again.
#2 a short but steep hill to climb from #1. Better fitness would not hurt 🙂
#3 and #4 not much to report
#5 biggest mistake of the day as I ran too far to a bigger road, not finding the small path that would have led directly to the control. Maybe 2-3min lost here.
#6 and #7 ok.
#8 again up that steep hill, resulting in not-so-great running speed once on top of the hill towards #8
#9 through #12 and finish were easy. Could have possibly saved time on #12 by running on the road instead of through the woods.
Time 51 min 19 s.

Itärastit, Latokartano


Spent an unbelievable 17 minutes looking for nr3... Should have gone directly east from nr2, but somehow drifted too much south, and then ran around in circles for a while, actually using nr7 to put myself back on the map.

Not sure I agree 100% with the placement of nr5 (and thus the squiggle in the gps-trace), I feel it was in reality placed slightly differently compared to how it was drawn on the map.

Otherwise mostly OK.