Andromeda galaxy (M31)


A stack of four 10 minute exposures at iso400 through a 200 mm F5.6 lens. I really need to get a handle on processing these RAW frames for best results...

Autoguiding now seems to work quite well, here's a comparison between 10 min frames with guiding on/off:


More exposure is better, this one has about 40 min in total, previous attempts had only about 12 min and 8 min.

Needs Guiding

An 8 minute exposure through a 200mm lens. Unguided EQ-6 mount. With this mount and my polar-alignment skills it seems that a 60s exposure is the maximum achievable at 200mm.

I have a QHY5 guide-camera and a 500/5.6 Rubinar which I plan to use for auto-guiding which will (I hope!) put an end to the squiggly stars.