Andromeda galaxy (M31)


A stack of four 10 minute exposures at iso400 through a 200 mm F5.6 lens. I really need to get a handle on processing these RAW frames for best results...

Autoguiding now seems to work quite well, here's a comparison between 10 min frames with guiding on/off:


More exposure is better, this one has about 40 min in total, previous attempts had only about 12 min and 8 min.


A single 8 minute iso800 exposure of Cassiopeia through a Canon 17-40/4L lens at 17mm and F/5.6. The Andromeda galaxy (M31) is visible at the bottom center.

From the same night as my earlier Cygnus photo. This one is not as good with some light pollution or dew-problems at the left. The red artifact in the lower right corner is the same amplifier noise that's visible in the cygnus photo. My home-made lens hood causes vignetting.