Itärastit Ämmässuo

A fairly late orienteering season opening this year.

#1, #2, #3 fairly ok. Then slow on the side of the hill towards #4 - right of the line on the flatter top of the hill would be better. Down from #4 in an S-curve to the road. From the road no good plan through the green to #5.

#6-#7-#8 ok before checking out a false flag just before #9.

The ugliest squiggle is at #13 where I fail to see the 90-degree turn over the swamp that leads to the control-circle and instead cross the swamp almost straight north (90-ish degrees off course) and stop just in the to see a glimpse of #13 through the open flat woods. Looking at the compass before crossing the swamp would have been good.

Espoorastit Ämmässuo

After a long walk to the start #1 went OK, a bit far north on #2, fairly safe route to #3. #5-#6 is probably the worst split as the open area was slow and my position was uncertain after the road. #7 was more nicer terrain for a change. At the end drifted too much south at #11 - this is an area that has been difficult before also...

Nice weather with a bit of wind. A lot of people preparing for Jukola in 1.5 weeks.


Itärastit, Ämmässuo

2014-08-30_ITR_ammassuo_qrSlow and safe without major mistakes.

Unnecessary bends/loops a bit before #2 and just before #4. Clearly the wrong direction out of #5, and then quite confusing out of #6 where the yellow area on the map was actually thick forest!? Up the hill to #7 a little too early and some searching for the control on top of the hill. A very slow route to #9 with almost 9 min lost 🙁

Itärastit Ämmässuo


Really hot yesterday - more or less 50% walking from #3 onwards...

#1-#2 OK
Just before #3 should have stayed on the white area - it was slower to cross the yellow open area.
#4-#5 OK
#6 a bit surprised to see the control so soon - did not have a good idea of where I left the road.
#7-#8 OKish (down the hill from #7 perhaps a more direct line over the wet/slow blue area would have been faster)
#9 was going OK all the way into the control-circle, but then went for the wrong group of stones and spent about 3-4 minutes extra here.
#10-F easy but quite tired and dehydrated at this point. Should bring water for 60+ minutes of running in the heat!

Firmaliiga at Pirttimäki on Tuesday is next.

Itärastit, Käringmossen


Orienteering close to the Ämmässuo/Käringmossen trash dump.

#1 a bit tentative, maybe should have used the path SW of the control
#2 OK
#3 good orienteering into the control-circle, but then failed to find the flag for about 3 minutes...
#4 the plan was to use the cliff (blue line on the map) to find the control, but I failed to execute and circled around the hill on the wrong side. Another +3 min mistake.
#5 no mistakes but slow
#6-#7-#8 OK
#9 initially I had the right direction out from #8, but then somehow deviated down the wrong side of the hill (looking at the compass might have helped). Maybe 2-3 min lost here.
#10-#11-#12-F mostly OK

I didn't make it into the official results but my placing is roughly 20./62.