Itärastit, Käringmossen


Orienteering close to the Ämmässuo/Käringmossen trash dump.

#1 a bit tentative, maybe should have used the path SW of the control
#2 OK
#3 good orienteering into the control-circle, but then failed to find the flag for about 3 minutes...
#4 the plan was to use the cliff (blue line on the map) to find the control, but I failed to execute and circled around the hill on the wrong side. Another +3 min mistake.
#5 no mistakes but slow
#6-#7-#8 OK
#9 initially I had the right direction out from #8, but then somehow deviated down the wrong side of the hill (looking at the compass might have helped). Maybe 2-3 min lost here.
#10-#11-#12-F mostly OK

I didn't make it into the official results but my placing is roughly 20./62.

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