DDS Front Panel

Two of these 1U 19" rack-enclosure front panels came in from Shaeffer today. Around 70 euros each, and the best thing is you get an instant quote on the front panel while you are designing it with their Front Panel Designer software. The box will house an AD9912 DDS.


From left to right: 10 MHz reference frequency input BNC, DDS output BNC, 40mm fan (1824257 and 1545841), 20x2 character LCD (73-1289-ND), rotary encoder with pushbutton (102-1767-ND), and rightmost an Arduino Due (1050-1049-ND) with Ethernet shield (1050-1039-ND). The panel is made to fit a Schroff 1U enclosure (1816030) with the inside PCBs mounted to a chassis plate (1370461).


Here's a view from the inside. I milled down the panel thickness from 4 mm to around 2.5 mm on the inside around the rotary encoder. Otherwise all components seem to fit as designed.


Next stop is coding an improved user-interface as well as remote-control of the DDS and PLL over Ethernet.