Firmaliiga 2013/4, Kattilajärvi

First firmaliiga event this fall. Overall very physically demanding with most controls placed high up on hills/cliffs.
#1 a bit of circling before finding the right control
#2 ok and safe route, but slow
#3-#4-#5 OK
#6 very long leg with one or two big hills in the way. A route-choice with more running along the road might have been better.
#8 I tried to plan a good route to this control on the way to #6, but other runners and poor judgement caused extra minutes wasted here also.

Firmaliiga result 45./59


Iltarastit, Pirttibacka


Problems on two out of  the eleven controls yesterday. These also show up as the worst placings in the split times.

The #3-#4 (17-18 on the map) leg should have been a straightforward run along paths. However I took a short-cut from the path too soon and crossed about 1/3rd of the leg through the woods. Then right inside the control circle I ran past the control almost to the road south of it before returning. The blue line shows the path I should have taken.

On the very last control (14 on the map) it would have been clearly faster to return to the road (green line) and not go straighter through the light-green (thick) area.

Aluerastit, Länsimäki

An interesting course with controls #1-#9 in a very detailed area, then a few longer legs to #12 where the course criss-crossed over the swamp a few times before heading back south to the finish.

No major mistakes just minor ones: after #3 did not clearly identify the path, and took a wrong direction down the hill to find #4. Then on the #10-#11 leg I did not want to cross the deep "trenches" on these cliffs, so I back-tracked to avoid the trench (dark brown line on the map).


Itärastit, Latokartano


Nice going on 1-4, then a little slower to #5.
Towards #6 I first had the wrong direction and found the road close to #7 instead. Then again the wrong direction from the road towards #6??
7-9 OKish. Big problems on #10 - should learn to recognize these harder legs and play it very safe. Many paths that were not marked on the map lead to all kinds of confusion..