Pikanto hull nr 3

Our third PIKANTO hull, a.k.a. "Yellow Submarine" was taken out of the mould today. As expected, the yellow gelcoat doesn't cover very well which gives the boat a very "prototype" and/or "artsy" look 🙂

I used a dremel with a cutting-wheel to cut off the extra glassfiber from the deck openings, and then a sharp knife and sandpaper to finish the join between the hull halves and between the deck and the hull.

For various reasons it seems hulls nr1 and nr2 will be demo-boats, and nr3 will be the first one to sail. Weight is slightly more than before, 620 g. As predicted, by hull nr 5 or so we will have mastered at least the basics of how to produce nice looking strong and light hulls from these moulds.