Pikanto hull nr 3

Our third PIKANTO hull, a.k.a. "Yellow Submarine" was taken out of the mould today. As expected, the yellow gelcoat doesn't cover very well which gives the boat a very "prototype" and/or "artsy" look 🙂

I used a dremel with a cutting-wheel to cut off the extra glassfiber from the deck openings, and then a sharp knife and sandpaper to finish the join between the hull halves and between the deck and the hull.

For various reasons it seems hulls nr1 and nr2 will be demo-boats, and nr3 will be the first one to sail. Weight is slightly more than before, 620 g. As predicted, by hull nr 5 or so we will have mastered at least the basics of how to produce nice looking strong and light hulls from these moulds.

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  1. Hi Anders,
    Is it possible to apply the gelcoat by thinning it and using a spray gun instead of strippling?Maybe it can give a more uniform layer and colour.

  2. Yes that is possible, but as with any spray-painting that would require a separate room for the painting or at minimum a corner of the workshop which was sealed off with plastic walls/roof or similar. We might try it at some point, but right now it's just too much trouble.

  3. Anders,

    First, congratulations on the web. It's incredible the years that I consulted, it is all very interesting.
    Just a comment. Other builders PIKANTE deliver their units with a weight close to the 575 gr.
    Are you sure you need the fiber angles in the holes?
    It is true that give more rigidity to the structure ... but the weight is not too high?

    A hug from Spain


  4. Hello Juan,

    Please could you describe what the 575 gram boat is fitted with? All fittings and radio-installation parts? sheeting-system parts?

    Our hulls are 600grams with hull+deck+fin/mastbox+rudder-tube (no fittings)


  5. I will send you a picture with my Pikanto over the scale.
    Can you give me your email for send the pictures ??

    I only want that you find the best ¡¡¡



  6. Hello Anders,

    I have just a question regarding the sunken part around the mast step. Doesn't water get trapped there? Or is it a draining hole somewhere out in the fin slot?

    Marcus WAHLIN, SUI-120

  7. In heavy weather the "bowl" around the mast and the mast-box will indeed hold water. There is no drain hole. However in that same heavy weather the boat is likely jumping around, heeling, and changing tacks a lot also, so the water will flow in/out all the time.

    The bowl is there to sink the mast down slightly. So that the no1 rig can be used for as long as possible before having to change down to the no2 rig. There was a discussion somewhere (on the IOMICA-forum?) about the mistakes or drawbacks of the class rule. The small size of the no2 rig compared to the no1 rig was mentioned.


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