Forssa half-marathon

I was a bit too far back in the start, and had to criss-cross among slower starters for at least the first 3 km. A strong side/aft wind made the first few kilometers easy downwind 'sailing', and luckily the route took a more protected less windy road after the turn at 10 km. After around 13km when it was windy again, now a side/head-wind, I slipstreamed in tour-de-france-style in the wake of a group of runners to avoid the worst wind. This course is very flat and fast, and I caught up with the 2-hour pace-runners(dressed in black tuxedos!) somewhere between 19 and 20 km.

Results and info:

While driving home through Perniö I saw some serious long distance runners taking part in a 100 km race. These people do 20 laps on a 5 km course, some in under 8 hours...

2:12:56 Helsinki City Run

Despite forecasts of rain during the week the weather cooperated nicely and we only got wet after 18 km or so.

At about 14 km my legs started to feel heavy, and after the last gatorade+water station at 17 km I started walking all the uphills.

I finished in 6345th place (yay!) out of 13100 runners, and the timing-chip time was 2:12:56, my own garmin said 2:12:59, and my official time (start-gun to finish) was 2:13:16.

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