1000 km

The running log shows 1005 km this weekend!

I've run actively this year from week 13, which means 34 weeks of running/jogging so far. Or an average of 29.56km per week. Weeks 15, 19, and 37 were the low points with only 5-6 km completed (week 37 I had a fever). Week 29 (55k total) is one of the most active with a 24k long run(in central park, IIRC) in the beginning of the week, some short runs in the middle, and the Jakob half-marathon on the weekend.

At 30km/week the total should land on roughly 1200 km for this year.

There's some peer pressure on signing up for the Finlandia langlauf in February... we'll see if that happens or not.

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