Rough grinding continues

Started out this evening with a 1 mm sagitta on the 240 mm mirror.

Started with no60 carborundum and ca. 20 + 30 min of grinding, which got us down to a 1.9-2.0 mm sagitta. The picture shows a 2.0mm drill bit under a steel ruler used for measuring the sagitta. The surface of the mirror is quite rough and appears white when dry.

Switched to no80 carborundum. Grinding is now much smoother with the mirror gliding easily across the tool with less sticking events. After about 30+30 min of grinding we are down to a 2.3 mm sagitta. A quick-and-dirty test shows around a 3 m radius of curvature. Surface now smoother to the touch, still white when dry.

Next stop: build a Focault-test/Ronchi-test jig to properly measure the focal length and the shape of the mirror (see for example plans here). Think about moving down to no150 carborundum.

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