Noux moulds

The latest IOM building activity in Finland: a group of builders in Turku have moulded a hull mould from the original Noux plug + designed their own deck plug and made a deck mould.

Nice looking laminates ! I am hoping to receive a detailed report from the builders on how these were done, i.e. plug treatment (release agent), gelcoat, layers of fiber, resin etc.

Here is yet another deck design for the Noux. This is the plug for the deckmould shown above. I am told the idea was to minimize the volume of the cockpit and thus minimize drag related to water carried in the cockpit in heavy weather.

Rumors say that Wallin&Ginström are planning to build a deck (cnc milled plugs ofcourse!) in the near future according to the original Noux 2 plans - but you never know... stay tuned!