More Pixels Please!

I reluctantly sold a 20" 1600x1200 Viewsonic with the desktop machine when I switched to my current T60 laptop (14" 1400x1050) about a year ago. The screen is not the strongest point of the T60, and that feeling has just been reinforced by looking at some 22" Samsungs at work. Now prices have plummeted again so I convinced myself that I need a 24" 1920x1200 Samsung 245B!

I need a smart way of managing my desktop for normal mobile use (1400 pixels wide), working at home with this new toy (1920 wide), and giving talks/lecturing with video-projectors that are usually only 1024 wide. Any ideas?

A new Shuffle

Based just on images on the web, I immediately decided to pre-order the ultra-cool new Apple Ipod Shuffle.

I got free shipping when pre-ordering, and the good news is that applestore actually held their pormised shipping date - it arrived by courier today !

After just 10 minutes with the unit I'm almost certain it's a 'keeper'. It's tiny, very light, has a built-in belt-clip, and stores up to 1 Gb. One feature I missed on my previous mp3 player was a FF/REV within one song, but that doesn't seem implemented... a keypad-lock similar to cell-phones is a nice touch though.

The manual suggests first installing iTunes, and then plugging in the unit. Without iTunes, I tried just downloading songs onto the shuffle but that won't work, why Apple ? why ? 🙁 . I don't need or want iTunes, so I'm thankful to people like Martin Fiedler who take the time to create workarounds. Martin's shuffle-db worked like a charm !