Cutsim driven by g-code

Based on Mark Pictor's cam-occ work I've been able to use the emc2 g-code interpreter 'rs274' binary that gets built during an emc2-build. It reads g-code files and outputs 'canonical' motion commands (see e.g. "The NIST RS274/NGC Interpreter - Version 3"). I'm positioning the tool at densely sampled points along each move, and subtracting it from the stock (see Yau and Yau) . The stock model is a distance field stored in an adaptive octree (see Frisken and Frisken).

This is very experimental: There's one kind of stock and one kind of tool, namely spherical!, The stock and tool sizes and colors are hard-coded, There's only one thread which means the UI becomes unresponsive and greyed-out during about 57s of processing. It's slow, 57s for a fairly simple 20-line g-code file. We assume hard-coded paths for the 'rs274' binary and the emc2 tooltable-file.

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