Cutter shapes

The four basic cutter shapes in opencamlib are CylCutter (cylindrical or flat-endmill), BallCutter (spherical), BullCutter (toroidal, filleted-endmill), and ConeCutter (cone, "v"-cutter).
With CompositeCutter it is then possible to combine these four into sensible combinations (such as the APT-tool). Below the combinations where the outer part of the cutter is conical, and the inner part is one of the four basic shapes. They are named CylConeCutter, BallConeCutter, BullConeCutter, and ConeConeCutter.
The general edge-push function for the cone shape isn't done yet, so there are no waterlines (except in special cases) for the cone-shape.

These inverse-tool-offset ("ITO") type images were drawn by using drop-cutter (red and green) and waterline (yellow) on a very narrow and tall triangle, so the toolpath shape looks like the inverted cutter.

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